Fly fishing in Northern California is rapidly becoming a top choice for anglers from throughout the United States.

Come fish Northern California’s top fisheries including the McCloud, the Fall and Pit Rivers, Hat Creek, Burney Creek and also, lake bass fishing.

Fall River

The Fall River, located near Burney California is the largest of California’s spring creeks. This 50 degree crystal clear trout paradise is the nation’s largest spring system and is exclusive because it can only be fished from a watercraft. Therefore it makes it a remarkable fishery that is loaded with trout.

Hat Creek

Hat Creek, located near Burney California is probably the most heavily fished stream in Northern California. More importantly there is so much fishing on this stream for a reason! Because the creek has easy access, amazing scenery, and it is full of healthy trout, it is ideal.

Pit River

The Pit River is the longest river in California and the biggest tributary source (by volume, including the McCloud arm) for the Sacramento River system and Lake Shasta. Come fish this river that has a thriving population of strong pulling wild rainbow trout. Anglers love these trout because they are famous for their voracious and grabby eating habits. The Pit is extremely nutrient rich hosting a smorgasbord of aquatic and terrestrial insects, crawdads, and small forage fish.

Most importantly you can look forward to plenty of solitude and secluded fishing on this river!

McCloud River

The McCloud River might be one of the prettiest places in the west to fly fish. Come experience this scenic wonderland that also happens to be home to one of the most famous strains of rainbow trout in the world. In the late 1800s McCloud River Redbands were sent overseas to stock the now famous rivers of Patagonia, New Zealand and Australia. If you catch a rainbow trout in another continent – odds are the origins of that fish start back at the McCloud River. Most importantly these native trout still exist in this river and thrive in her cold, clean glacial waters below Mt Shasta.

Experience the adventure of fishing some of the most famous and productive waters of California and the West.  Northern California offers trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, shad, and other species of fish.